Self care is an integral and foundational part of creating a successful life and business.

When you take the time to consciously take care of yourself, it sends a powerful message to the Universe and to the people around you, that you matter! That you are valuable.

This 21 day challenge is about creating a habit of self care because small, consistent actions lead to big transformations.

The result? A happier, healthier, wealthier you!


How it works:

Every day you get an email with a action step and a challenge, designed to help you create the habit of caring for you.


Imagine being able to have that feeling of relaxed ease and "feel good" that you get on vacation - Every day!

Join success coach Helen MacMillan as she personally guides you through this Free 21 Day Self-Care Challenge. It's about creating a habit of self care, which is foundational to health, wealth and happiness!

If you are ready for more… Love, health, money, joy, peace… And to feel like you are on vacation every day Register Now! It’s Free!

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