Tired of feeling alone in your business and having to figure it all out by yourself?

Do you sometimes wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of?

Or support YOU for a change?


Introducing the SOAR Mastermind Program

This is a 6 month group program for entrepreneurs who are ready to play a bigger game.

Make more money.

Have more fun.

Create joyful and sustainable success.

Release your inner blocks.

Be supported, encouraged, connected with others who are on the same journey.

Would you like to be a part of it?

This program is unique in several ways:


  1. The model. It is a hybrid of personal and group coaching. You have the connection and support of a group AND you have two (2) 45  minute private coaching calls with me every month. Not with assistant coaches. With me.
  1. My expertise. I have started and run 3 different successful businesses. I have enough certifications to fill a wall. I integrate all my training with my professional and life experiences to provide personal coaching and healing AND business strategy. As women you can't compartmentalize your life as well as men do. (Our brains just don't work that way) so your personal life impacts your business and your business impacts your personal life. You have to address both. I am equipped to help you with both.
  1. My philosophy. I believe that business is just another path of Soul growth. I believe in approaching business wholistically - Mind, Body and Spirit. Success is 90% mindset and 10% strategy. It's who you become on the journey. It's about learning to enjoy the journey.

To achieve and sustain success you have to have clarity about who you are, what you want. You have to give yourself permission to have it. You have to believe you can have it. To have to be willing to receive it. You have to be willing to show up and shine (be your authentic self and connect with your ideal clients). You have to have a good relationship with money, let go of limitation and embrace possibilities. You have to trust yourself more than anyone else. There are many different reasons this is challenging. Each area represents places I have seen people get stuck. They represent places I have gotten stuck myself. By becoming aware, and with support, we can change them and achieve our goals and dreams with greater joy and ease.


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Helen helped me work through my fears and really understand the journey I was on. She never just gave me random “to do’s” or goals, but instead allowed me to find my strength, work on overcoming my fears and really increasing my confidence and joy. I’m much stronger: I don’t get a emotionally down if someone criticizes me or my business. That is huge!

I’m in action in my business. I even raised my prices and am signing clients at my new high price. (I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do so if wasn’t for our work together.) I am attracting connections and people that literally coming out of nowhere and I believe it’s because I’m in such a good place. So many of the tools I learned are serving me each day and for that I’m forever thankful.


Susan Shah Susan Shah Wellness

 Join me for the:

SOAR Mastermind Program

6 Month Program (July 2015-December 2015)


                       PROGRAM INCLUDES:

  • TWO (2) individual 45 minute coaching calls per month for 6 months
  • One (1) group coaching call per month for 6 months
  • One (1) complimentary ticket to the October 2015 Mastermind Intensive
  • One (1) 3 hour virtual VIP Day
  • Unlimited email access for 6 months

6 months of Private Coaching  - $7500

VIP Day                                - $3000

Breakthrough Intensive           - $ 797

Total Value =                  $11,297

Your Investment: $7,500 (6 payments of $1250/month)


Yes, Helen I'm ready to get individual attention AND be part of this fabulous 6 month group.


Sign Me Up! I'm READY to SOAR.

During our 6 months working together, I have learned to think differently. Helen helped me to stand in my power and be more confident in my choices and decisions (personally and professionally). When I’d get stuck she would help me get clear about what was going on and help me shift how I was feeling and take action.

Lisa Thompson

You are MORE brilliant....

MORE amazing....

MORE magnificent than you give yourself credit for!


Imagine you getting to make the difference you want to make in the world? How many people do you want to touch?

The more people you serve, the more money you make. The more money you make, the more people you can serve. The more people you serve, the more lives you are changing.

To be successful in your business, your dream must be bigger than what you already know how to do (otherwise there is no stretch and you would already be doing it!)

Benefits you will gain by joining the

SOAR Mastermind program: 

  • Getting clear on what YOU want and give yourself permission to HAVE it
  • Expand to your next level of potential
  • Change your relationship with money (Make and Keep more of it)
  • Create work/life balance
  • Feel like running your business gets easier so you love your business and enjoy your life
  • Change your conditioned mindset to create TRUE Freedom
  • Confidently stand in who you are and speak your truth
  • Create on a bigger level than you ever have before
Yes, I want to join SOAR Mastermind!

Meet Helen

Helen MacMillan is a Success coach, author and international speaker helping entrepreneurs awaken their greater personal and earning power.

She is the Founder and CEO of Helen MacMillan Coaching, and creator of the program, ‘Shift into Your Million Dollar Zone’ which teaches clients how to breakthrough conditioned mindsets to create the balance of personal and financial freedom that are necessary to experience joyful and sustainable success.

Using her strong intuitive abilities and business and life experience, Helen helps her clients identify and clear the unconscious patterns (mental, emotional and physical) that are the barriers to their personal and financial success.

You can find her at www.helenmacmillan.com